Mission Statement

“Our goal is to ensure our growers have access to reliable, high quality, surface and groundwater for the foreseeable future.”

of water service
of canal and pipeline
Acre feet
of water recharged
since january 2018

Central Kings GSA Board of Director's adopted the Groundwater Sustainability Plan.


Central Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency

The Central Kings GSA was formed on November 8, 2017. The Central Kings GSA’s jurisdiction includes portions of the Kings Subbasin excluding the service areas of South Kings GSA. CKGSA.ORG

Ground Water Management

CID plays an active role in managing our groundwater basin; overseeing pumping, recharge and monitoring. Learn more

Recharge Management

CID manages the natural percolation or sinking of water back into a groundwater basin. Learn more

Water Right Protection

CID invests a significant amount of resources annually for the oversight, registration and protection of local water rights Learn more

Repair And Replacement

CID’s infrastructure dates back to the late 1800’s and therefore requires investment in repairing and replacing these vital resources. Learn more

Regulatory Compliance

CID is responsible for local, state and federal regulatory compliance and reporting. Learn more.