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CID was formed by growers for growers.At the time, water deliveries were managed by private canal companies that managed the system, determined rates, and water deliveries- leaving growers no say in the process. In 1921 that changed with an almost unanimous vote to form the Consolidate Irrigation District. We value the input of our growers and are proud that our Board of Directors is comprised of local growers – your neighbors and friends – who understand local sentiments, challenges and farm right here. CID performs a variety of community services that include water rights protection, groundwater basin management as well as water deliveries. Local representation is a cornerstone to our organization and one we highly value.

Last week, CID released a video that provides growers more information on what we do. It also features critical information on the potential impacts the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) will have on our growers and on our region.  Click the preview to the left, or visit our YouTube Page to view the video. 

Next month is our 97th Anniversary. Please stop by on Friday, September 7th for a visit and a cup of coffee. 

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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act – Part Two

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) has, in many ways, changed water rights. Prior to this sweeping legislation, you were able to use and access the water you had rights to. SGMA changed that. Although the State is clear to say that local control is critical to this process and water rights are intact, the reality is a little different and it is no longer business as usual.

Pumping water will now be overseen by a Groundwater Sustainability Agency. To comply with this requirement, CID formed the Central Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency (CKGSA). CKGSA has the authority and the responsibility for managing the basin in a sustainable manner. In other words, balancing the amount of recharge and pumping in order to address any overdraft issues. In order to ensure our growers can pump water as needed we need to invest in land acquisition, construct more recharge basins, as well as build and repair critical infrastructure. These projects take time, resources and investment. We need to demonstrate to the State Water Resources Control Board that we are moving to a sustainable basin. The State has a mechanism in place to take over basins that are not in compliance. State Regulators will manage the basins, restrict pumping, set rates to pay for their efforts and require additional metering and monitoring.

CID is committed to maintaining local oversight, local control and protecting water rights. For more information on SGMA, visit the Information Page.


The Consolidated Irrigation District (CID) was organized on September 8, 1921 and provides water from the Kings River for irrigation and groundwater recharge to ensure ground water aquifer sustainability and resiliency.


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